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How I can Help you Keep it Simple . . .

  • On-site consultation to get to know you and the “day-to-day” of your operation.


  • Expert Compliance Advise on:

    • Labeling requirements

    • Ingredient and product identity preservation

    • Traceability and audit trail documentation

    • Compliance and approval status of cleaing and sanitation materials and practices

    • Non-agricultural ingredients and Processing aids


  • Staff training on organic control points, record keeping and maintaining organic integrity of ingredients and products


  • Design, implementation and maintenance of solid recordkeeping systems, tailored to your operation in order to keep you in compliance with the least amount of hassle.


  • Expert hands-on help and support understanding, navigating, completing and submitting your Organic System Plan (OSP); done right the first time to avoid time consuming mistakes and to reach your certification goals quickly. 


  • On-site support preparing for and completing your inspections. 

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